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AIVectorArt Terms of Service


By downloading the images you acknowledge this license agreement and conform to the terms and conditions provided.

The original purchaser of the images has the right to modify and use the clipart images in the Action Illustrated/ AIVectorArt software and clipart collection to publish or print. However, you cannot resell the clip art in this collection modified or unmodified as clip art for further use or modification.

The Action Illustrated/ AIVectorArt clip art and software may not be copied or duplicated except for “backup” purposes in which all copies shall remain in the purchasers possession and adhere to the same terms and agreements as the original.

If you are using an outside service company to complete your order or design, one copy may be made to accompany the document in which the software is used. This copy must be removed from the service company upon the completion of their service.

You are not allowed to sell or give away any clipart of software to a third party

Action Illustrated / AIVectorArt reserves the right to terminate this license agreement upon any breach of term or condition. Be forewarned that Action Illustrated / AIVectorArt claims all protection of the software and clipart package.

All images are protected under copyright 2019 DRT Artworks Inc/ Action Illustrated. All rights reserved . Thank you for respecting these copyrights.

Due to legal issue, Terms of Service only available in English