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Clipart and Vector Art FAQ

Q: Can I cancel my monthly subscription at anytime or am I locked into a contract?
A: You can cancel at anytime. Once you have signed up for a monthly subscription you are able to login to your account and access your account control panel. From there you are able to cancel your subscription. Once your subscription has been canceled you are able to use out the remainder of your subscription time. There are no penalties for canceling and you are able to renew your subscription when ever you would like.

Q: How do I cancel my monthly subscription?
A: You are able to cancel your account at anytime by logging into your account and going to your Subscription Overview. From there you will see all the information about your subscription along with a "Cancel Subscription" button for those who have an active subscription.

Q: How are subscriber credits credits accumulated?
A: Subscribers receive 40 credits each month. Credits reset each month. On the monthly anniverary of your subscription your account will reset to 40 credits.

Q: How long after purchase may I download my image?
A: You can download purchased images by logging into your control panel for up to 30 days from the date of purchase.

Q: What file format does your vector art come in?
A: All of our artwork comes in 3 different formats, a True Vector format in .EPS, and 2 Clipart formats .JPG and .PNG
If you would like to try before you buy, please see our Free Vector Art. Clipart Samples.

Q: I am out of credits and my subscription is not ready to renew yet, can I purchase additional credits?
A: This is something we are working on, however for now we have a work around. If you would like to get more credits before your subscription is ready to auto-renew you can simply cancel your current subscription from your account Control Panel. Once you have canceled you are able to setup a new subscription and you are able to start downloading images instantly.

Q: I am wanting to place your Vector Art on a T-shirt or other product and sell it, is that allowed?
A: Yes, you are able to add our vector art to any product and sell that product. The only thing we do not allow is direct resell of our vector art.

Q: Do you offer custom vector art or can you customize my vector art for me.
A: At this time we do not offer custom vector art. We also do not offer any customizing services.